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Business Crisis and Public Intervention: Preparatory Operational Guidelines

During the first pandemic wave, the Italian government, intervened to guarantee liquidity to businesses and self-employed workers in the form of loans guaranteed -in various ways- by the state.

Working From Home: A Little History About 25 Years Later

A new approach of the business organization and a new philosophy in the relationships between employer and workers.


The Maintenance Allowance for Non-Independent Adult Children

It sometimes happens that jurisprudential decisions, especially those that touch social or political current affairs, are misrepresented by the press or reported by the same with excessive emphasis.

Inheritance and Condominium: an Example of (Avoidable) Condominium Litigation

Reading this sentence of the Court of Rome (section V of 04/05/2020, n. 6847) one touches with one's hand an example of avoidable quarrel between condominiums, a phenomenon that, according to a reliable statistic, has reached considerable proportions.

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) In Light Of The Measures Adopted For The Covid-19 Emergency

The tools set up by the government to put companies in a position to cope with the financial and economic difficulties posed by the Covid-19 emergency have not considered the problems related to the implementation of some particular operations.