A Trademark Two-Fer: Trademark Office Metrics; Take-Aways And Tips For Trademark Practitioners

Ira Cohen Ira Cohen from  Ira Cohen, P.A.  on 

The Patent and Trademark Office in the United States has been around in one incarnation or another since July 4, 1836. For most of that time, the office was situated in Washington, D.C.

Compliance And Legal Risk Prevention

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Since 2009, Chilean criminal legislation establishes the criminal liability of legal entities for certain crimes committed by natural persons (for example, bribery of a public official to obtain a permit for the legal entity).

News In Labor Matters: Set-Up

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During the year 2023, there were significant changes in the workplace in Uruguay, which affected both individual and collective aspects of labor relations as well as administrative and social security issues.

Marriage Under South African Law

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Three types of marriages are recognized under South African law. The solemnization and registration of these marriages are managed by the Department of Home Affairs.  They may be same sex marriages.