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Overhauling the Regulatory Framework for the Soccer Company in Brazil

Brazil charms the world with its way of playing soccer. According to recent studies, 44% of the Brazilian population is actively involved in the sport. The Brazilian soccer industry is estimated at US$ 16 billion per year.

The General Data Protection Regulation: Five Steps to Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) is a piece of European Union law that will be enforceable from 25 May 2018. It will replace the current data protection regime set out by the Data Protection Act 1998, and brings in new rights – but also new responsibilities.

Dismissal with Video Surveillance as Supporting Evidence, Has it Changed Case-law?

The Court has ruled on the case of a supermarket owned by Mercadona, where the managers of the company, decided to place a video surveillance system by installing some cameras in visible places and others out of sight.

What Does Tax Reform Mean for Retail?

The federal corporate tax rate for many retailers is dropping this year from an industry effective average rate of 32.9% to 21%, as a result of changes implemented by the so-called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”.

The INTRASTAT Models for 2018 Have Been Renewed

The provision n. 194409/2017 has reformed the INTRASTAT discipline, eliminating some obligations and simplifying those that remain, implementing the changes made by art. 13 of the DL 244/2016 to the art. 50 of Decree 331/93.