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Key Takeaways: 2021 ABA Private Target Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Points Study

The Study looks at several areas of negotiation, including financial terms, representations and warranties, covenants, closing conditions, and indemnification related provisions.

About a Universal Right of Access to Health, Intellectual Property, and Other Legal Intricacies

In its recent extraordinary Assembly in November 2021, the WHO agreed to "launch a process to develop a historic global agreement on prevention, preparedness and response to pandemics".

Declaration of a Single Employer and Infringement of the Company's Freedom of Contract: the Constitutional Court Declares the Unenforceability of Article 3 of the Labor Code

At the beginning of March 2022, and in a divided decision, the Constitutional Court declared the unenforceability for unconstitutionality of part of Article 3 of the Labor Code (case No. 11124-21).

Law No. 21,431 Modifies the Labor Code Regulating the Contract of Workers of Companies of Digital Service Platforms

This law introduces a series of amendments to the Labor Code (hereinafter "CT"), in order to regulate relations between dependent and independent digital platform workers and digital service platform companies.

The Exemption of Publications of the DFs in the Official Gazettes and the Reduction of Costs for the Companies

The legislative effort to sophisticate and modernize the legal framework that supports corporate law, and ancillary provisions, accentuated during the pandemic reality experienced in 2022,  has lasted for almost two years.