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Will the Nationality Law for Sephardic Jews End?

Last week, a draft law, not yet discussed in the Portuguese Parliament, went public by dropping a bomb on Portuguese legislation that, since 2015, allows descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews to obtain Portuguese nationality.

Compensation For Damages Resulting From The Measures Adopted By The Spanish Government To Deal With The COVID-19 Crisis? Key Points To Make Your Claim Viable

There is no doubt that the measures taken by the Spanish Government to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19 have involved serious economic losses to many companies.

Covid-19 In Location Contracts Of Office Properties Or Premises: Fortuitous Case Or Imprevision?

The pandemic leads us to a situation typical of science fiction literature. No one had foreseen that this year we would find ourselves in a panorama of restricted freedoms and alteration of our family and economic relationships such as that imposed by this scourge.

Raí And The Politics Of Football

In Brazil, football activity, for endogenous and exogenous reasons, is still underdeveloped, despite the richness of its components, which intensified the certainty regarding the immediate need for reformulations.

Flexible Working Post COVID-19, No Going Back

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that there has been no choice for businesses but to become flexible. What will happen when the pandemic is over?