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What Is Happening With The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa?

What are potential applicants to make of this confusion and what is likely to happen to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur category of the Immigration Rules?

What About USMCA?

USMCA, bring with it, a special norm regarding the protection of copyright in Internet, that is in extremely similar to the system of notice and takedown of the DMCA of United States.

The Risks of Litigation

It is often the case that a client will want to know their prospects of success before deciding whether to pursue or defend a claim via litigation. However, it is never possible to accurately determine prospects of success.

Lee Stafford Achieves Successful Outcome in Rare Consumer Credit Act Case

In the case of Pilgrim Rock Ltd v Iwaniuk, Lee Stafford, successfully defended his client’s claim for the creditor’s contractual entitlement to interest to be reviewed and reduced due to the ‘unfair’ nature of the relationship.

Deal or No Deal – Does It Really Matter?

In recent weeks it has seemed more likely than most initially thought that the UK could leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 without a Brexit deal.