How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the M&A Practice

Safak Herdem Safak Herdem from  Herdem Law  on 

Artificial intelligence is having a major impact on merger and acquisitions practice. AI is being used to automate tasks, identify potential targets, evaluate targets, negotiate deals, and manage risk. This is leading to faster, more efficient, and more successful M&A transactions.

The Emerging Fintech Market and It's Legal Challenges

Safak Herdem Safak Herdem from  Herdem Law  on 

Technology investments in payment systems are on the rise, as businesses and consumers increasingly adopt digital payment methods, these are having a significant impact on the legal industry in a few ways.

Tax Advantages for Investors in Italian Start-Ups

Maria de Rosis Maria de Rosis from  Interconsulting Studio Associato  on 

Innovative start-ups are a key component of the modern economy, as they foster innovation, stimulate economic growth and generate new job opportunities. To support and promote the development of these companies, Italy has introduced tax incentives for investors who decide to finance this type of company.

NSW 2023-2024 Budget Highlights: Farewell Corporate Reconstruction Exemption, Hello Increased Landholder Duty

Laura Spencer Laura Spencer from  KHQ Lawyers  on 

On 19 September 2023, the NSW Treasurer handed down the 2023-2024 NSW State Budget. The Treasury and Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 will, once passed, implement several key measures announced in the Budget.

Get Ready for the GST Changes from 1st January 2024

Fabio Garibotti Fabio Garibotti from  Algebra Private Limited  on 

As we approach 2024, companies should prepare for the upcoming change in the GST rate starting January 1, 2024. The rate will increase from 8% to 9%, which is the final step of the dual rate increment mentioned in the 2022 budget.