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Legal Framework for Social Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska

The goal of the Law is to use the potential of social entrepreneurship for sustainable economic and social growth and development of Republika Srpska.

Customer Protection and Empowerment: New Amendments to the Consumer Law

The strengthening of consumer rights makes it strongly advisable for companies to review their contracts, terms and conditions, websites, among others, in order to comply with the new regulations

SAF - Brief Comments on Normative Instruction 112/22, of the National Department of Business Registration and Integration

The DREI is responsible for, among other matters, establishing and consolidating general rules and guidelines for the public registry of commercial companies and related activities.

Lecco and Its Territory: A Glimpse of the Future

Lecco not only thinks about the future, but tries to shape it, through young people, culture, businesses, entrepreneurs, associations, science, technology and innovation.

SAF and Recent Infralegal and Regulatory Acts

In 1992, Telê Santana participated in TV Cultura's Roda Viva program in a strong defense of the transition from the associative model to the business model, in the scope and management of Brazilian football.