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News About Country-by-Country Reporting

On July 10, 2017 we summarized the provisions related the so called ‘CbC Report’. This time, we would like to update the time table related to this new transfer pricing documentation

When Does Bad Conduct Matter?

Perhaps unsurprisingly many people contemplating divorce are upset in some measure by the behaviour of their spouse or civil partner.

ICSC New York Deal Making (2017)

On December 6-7, the Javits Center played host to this years’ ICSC NY Deal Making Conference. ICSC featured a new format at this years’ Conference.

Landlord: I Have an Order for Possession – What Now?

Evicting a tenant is often a difficult and drawn out process for residential landlords. Landlords must comply with requisite notice periods and issue proceedings; a process which often takes several months in itself.

An Example Of a Small Italian Enron

The Italian magistrates are investigating over a suspicious exchange of confidential government information between Susanna Masi, Treasury official and Ernst and Young, the important Professional Services and Accountancy Company.