Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms established in January 2001 with the objective of helping our clients in the process of internationalization through the highest quality, value and service from our pool of highly qualified professionals.


Pragma has a different approach to other professional networks, taking account of two key elements that change how we work

Globalization and Internationalization


...which clearly require a new approach to the services and solutions offered to our clients. An approach where having a global vision of the business environment is as important as having a thorough knowledge of local issues and specific expertise in economic sectors. 

  New ways of working and new tools work with, which allow us to create on-demand teams specifically adapted to our clients needs. That means that your local professional will be joined by the best professionals in their legal and economic sectors, regardless of their location.


Integrating knowledge, expertise and specializations helps us to offer more effective and efficient solutions to our clients.

Making full use of technology, Pragma offers its clients, as well as its members, immediate access to opportunities, information and leading experts with a track record of superior quality service.