Do You Have a College Student? Maintaining Decision-Making Rights During Unexpected Situations

Kerry Spindler Kerry Spindler from  Goulston & Storrs  on 

If you are a parent with children ages 18 or older, you should consider taking a few simple steps so that in the event of an emergency, you can make important decisions.

Colombia The Country Of Beauty

Carolina Vera Carolina Vera from  Vera Abogados  on 

The launching of the new brand COLOMBIA THE COUNTRY OF BEAUTY has as its fundamental aim to promote Colombian culture, foment exports and foreign investment as well as tourism nationwide.

The Compromisory Clause In International Contracts

Gustavo Cuevas Gustavo Cuevas from  Cuevas Abogados  on 

In contracts in which the parties have domiciles in different countries, it is essential to submit any disputes that arise to arbitration.

General IP Presentation

Natalia Vera Natalia Vera Matiz from  Vera Abogados  on 

A global view of the Intellectual Property industry and related topics from a legal point of view.

Corporate Tax Planning in Taiwan: Group Structures and Intercompany Transactions

Hung Ou Yang Hung Ou Yang from  Brain Trust International Law Firm  on 

Tax issues regarding related-party transactions have always been at the core of tax planning. Various tax laws in Taiwan prevent taxpayers from obtaining undue tax benefits through related-party transactions.