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Retail Evolution: Continuing to Think Outside of the Box

Retailers are bringing the store to the consumer and inventing new and creative ways to introduce customers to their brands and to increase sales.

Now Trending: Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Expansion of New Concept Stores

Although online shopping is extremely convenient, many consumers still want to touch and test out products before they purchase them. 

Let’s Get Innovative!

There continues to be a lot of discussion throughout the commercial real estate industry about competition from online retailers and the holes created by failing and downsizing businesses that have traditionally focused on brick and mortar stores.

Digital Assets: Are You Prepared to Protect Them?

A key component of a contemporary estate plan is one that is easy to overlook: a plan for handling your digital assets with financial or personal value in the event of your incapacity or death.

The Sandbagging Conundrum Explained

There is perhaps no more consistently vexing problem for transactional attorneys on opposite sides than figuring out a fair contractual resolution for “sandbagging” issues. This makes the choice-of-law provision in transactional contracts extremely important.