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About the IAE Return Procedure Due to the Closure During the Covid-19

The Supreme Court has recognized the companies that had to paralyze their activities in 2020 due to the restrictions to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the origin of the reduction in the Tax on Economic Activities, in proportion to the time who suffered the total stoppage of their activities

Published: 29/06/23

Doing Business in the Dominican Republic

Thanks to its privileged geographical position, the Dominican Republic serves as a bridge between Europe, Asia and the Americas, interconnecting international markets, with a growing economic and social climate, making  Dominican Republic an ideal place to invest, thanks to its logistics platforms.

Published: 20/06/23

State Deductions for Income and in Companies Linked to Ecological Aspects

Much has been said in recent months about climate change, the drought affecting Spain, the need for an energy transition,... But, taking advantage of the next tax settlement: what deductions can apply companies and individuals linked to energy savings?

Published: 19/06/23

The Advent of the Unitary Patent in Europe

On 1st June 2023, with the entry into force of the International Agreement on the Unified Patent Court (UPC), the unitary patent system began. It represents a big revolution in the field of patent protection.

Published: 16/06/23

Issues Clarified with the Approval of the New Model of the Temporary Solidarity Tax for Great Fortunes

With the publication in the BOE of Order HFP/587/2023, relating to the Temporary Solidarity Tax of Great Fortunes, various aspects have become clear that since the approval of the tax regulations indicated through Law 38/2022, of December 27, 2022, they were only intuited, not without some controversy.

Published: 15/06/23