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Braykov’s Legal Office was established in 1990 by Valentin Braykov,  to date – a managing partner. Thanks to the lengthy professional experience of Mr. Braykov, we are familiar with the environment and the main players in different markets since 1976.

We are a team of lawyers in Sofia. We work with associate law firms across the country and abroad. When necessary, we are capable of setting up larger teams of first-rate experts for work on specific projects. Thanks to our relationships with partner offices we can provide legal assistance to our clients in most parts of the civilized world.

We communicate in Bulgarian, English, French, Russian, German and Portuguese.

We are delighted by the achievements of other law firms and we try to learn from their success and disappointments. Thanks to our long-standing clients who are leaders in their industries, we have an expert insight on the specifics of many industries.

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Managing Partner
Managing Partner

+359 2 9037871
24, Stefan Karadzha st
1000 Sofia

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Valentin Braykov
Valentin Braykov

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