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The firm was founded in 2002 by a group of lawyers, coming from various legal environments (multinationals, foreign law firms) and fields of practice, committed to excellence in the practice of law and to the highest ethical standards.

Quality is of paramount importance for our firm. We aim to achieve pre-eminence in our chosen areas of activity through the excellence, practicality, innovation and helpfulness of our people.

We give a firm commitment to do everything we can to meet the clients' needs. We offer all the legal services, support and expertise you expect of a leading legal practice only - but we also try to go one step further. We emphasise the importance of partnership by working closely with clients' internal and external specialists and advisers in order to make sure that we do not only understand clients' aims and needs but that we really help the clients to achieve them. Our approach is focused on the need to make things happen for our clients, not stop them.

We appreciate that a solid understanding of each industry issues is crucial to providing practical legal advice that moves a deal or the solving of a particular legal problem forward. We are fully aware that our clients expect us to provide the right advice, at the right time and by the right specialist - with the minimum of fuss and in the most cost-effective manner. When necessary, we formulate teams for particular projects or for particular clients by selecting specialists with the most relevant background and experience. Specialists from different offices or practice groups can come together to form a fully integrated team for a particular project. This flexible approach to resource provision means that we can provide our clients with the most appropriate people when and where they need.

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Romeo Nicolescu
Romeo Nicolescu

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