Studio Longhi Associato

Studio Longhi Associato


Studio Longhi Associato is a firm of international Certified Accountants and Auditors, focused on professional support and consulting to companies and individuals, who need answers to the various problems that exist today in the corporate-financial, entrepreneurial and fiscal world.

The latin motto “nullis in singulis aliquis in omnibus” is the philosophy of the firm and its partners and employees, in their efforts to assist clients in facing the problems of the intricacies of the Italian and international economic and financial fiscal fields and strategic geopolitical knowledge.

In particular, their expertise in the accounting and tax fields is supplemented by those of extraordinary, international and corporate finance, such as the purchase and sale of companies and share holdings, corporate and company reorganisation, fiscal planning also on an international level, liquidation of joint-stock companies, financial planning, corporate reorganisation, banking relations, relations with suppliers.

We also specialize in healthcare, real estate, mechanics, media, fashion and the agro-industry in addition to credit risk and finance.

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