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Filipe Consciência

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Filipe Consciência has more than eight years of legal experience. Deals with contracts, consumer law and immigration.
  • Has experience with consumer, labour and commercial law, and also with real estate.
  • In the last five years successfully handled and delivered thousands requests of portuguese citizenship.
To Stay Or Not To Stay @Home

This is the question made by several Portuguese in these crazy times. But the truth is that if we don't leave our houses, afraid of dying, we will surely die of hunger, because the economic consequences are already being felt and we still don't know what will truly happen.

Unfortunately, Not Everyone Is Honest...

In times of crisis, like the one we are currently experiencing, it seems that there are people who gain the ability to have more imagination. And the biggest problem is that this extra imagination ends up harming everyone but the author of the idea.

It has just been made public that the legislative proposal to force Portuguese Sephardic Jewish descendants to live 2 years in Portugal in order to receive Portuguese citizenship is no longer going forward.


A new requirement proposal still needs to be clarified, but either way the two-year residency requirement was dropped and will not be subject to vote, due to tremendous pressure both nationally and internationally