Maurizio Bottoni

Maurizio Bottoni is the senior partner of Interconsulting. As a consultant in one of the Big Four he has developed a deep knowledge of the Italian and International tax law, through the involvement in operations and reorganization of multinationals. Extraordinary transactions and international issues are his daily business.

  • EU and international VAT
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divisions, assignments and rental of companies
  • Multi-utilities management
  • National and international tax planning
Leveraged Buyout (LBO) In Light Of The Measures Adopted For The Covid-19 Emergency

The tools set up by the government to put companies in a position to cope with the financial and economic difficulties posed by the Covid-19 emergency have not considered the problems related to the implementation of some particular operations.

Strenghtening Of The "Golden Power" From The Italian Government

The Italian Government has intervened once again with the provisions contained in Chapter III on the subject of "golden power", to further strengthen and to extend the scope of the application rules.

Increase of the Tax Advantages for People “Incoming” to Italy

The Italian Government has just modified the tax special regimes provided in favor of researchers and lecturers and other “incoming” people who decide to move to Italy.