Uwe Müllner

Uwe Müllner specializes in legal services for complex court and arbitration matters in the fields of commercial and corporate law.

He regularly represents companies, their corporate bodies and shareholders in management/ shareholder disputes and in D&O liability cases.

He also has vast experience in arbitration and court matters in commercial, banking and capital market law. He also focuses on representing professionals in recourse proceedings.

Uwe Müllner advises companies and their shareholders in all corporate law matters, such as M&A transactions, corporate restructuring and corporate succession.

Another focal point of his consulting services comprises the drafting and negotiating of contracts and agreements in the fields of commercial and distribution law.

Uwe Müllner also gives speeches on compliance, focusing on the liability of corporate bodies.

Due to his experience in the field of conflict resolution, Uwe Müllner also represents natural persons in inheritance disputes, in particular at the interface to corporate law.

In addition, Uwe Müllner is a certified Compliance Officer and Business Coach.

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