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Cecilia … Pragma's Braveheart

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Published: 08/08/17 - Country: Spain

She never went unnoticed, even when she was not able to attend Pragma’s board meetings.  Her life has always been the result of strong and firm convictions. Her father, a doctor in England, taught her how to be an independent woman, professional and willing to go the extra mile to fight for her ideas. When we met in 1989, at the age of 32, she had already been capable of setting up a law firm by herself in Portugal dealing with international clients in a country that had still not signed the agreement to adhere to the European Union. The previous year, falling from her horse let her barely without a voice, the most important tool of a lawyer. However, her resilience and energy led her to pursue a long, successful and challenging career, of which we have all been witnesses.

Thanks to Jean Claude Coulon et asssociées   and sharing a common client we had the opportunity to meet and work with Gilberto, Jean François, Cecilia and myself, time where we set the basis for Pragma’s network foundation in the year 2000. We were all young and enthusiastic and together we started the great adventure of the creation of an international network of law firms in a world dominated by Anglo-American firms. We were committed to keep the roman and continental law as the references of our DNA. Cecilia committed herself in depth to the project and without a doubt we owe her a large share of Pragma’s success due to her recruiting efforts worldwide.

Despite the smaller scale of her country, she managed to be at the forefront of Pragma’s network and work with the stronger firms of the larger countries. Her example of work ethics, rigor, loyalty and determination has always impressed me and helped at the same time to push my boundaries. I firmly believe we all have to capitalize on these virtues to be better professionals and people.  Thanks to the aforementioned virtues, her opinions have always been respected and listened to in Pragma’s board meetings. She managed to transmit a deep sense of friendship to all her colleagues of the network and at the same time keep her criteria untouched.

Cecilia we loved you, we love you and we will miss you in the days to come.  Thank you very much for the time we shared all together and for your great contribution to this wonderful group of people called Pragma.

You will always remain in our hearts.


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