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Foreign Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In recent years Bosnia and Herzegovina has been investing more efforts to attract foreign investments as one of the important ways to encourage economic development and solve problems of unemployment.

A substantial progress has been made in this field through the adjustment of legislation in order to facilitate the process itself. The appropriate normative and institutional framework has been provided for this purpose. In order to attract foreign investment costs, procedures and time of registration of business have been reduced and many benefits related to customs and taxes have been ensured.

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Natasa Krejic is a Partner, employed by the Law Firm SAJIC since 2003. Natasa graduated from the University of Banja Luka School of Law in 2004.

In addition to company law and M&A, Natasa's area of expertise is tax and customs law, as well as competition and foreign investments and in these areas of law she advises both local and foreign clients.

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