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State-of-the-Art in Retail

The third panel help us to explore current developments in the fashion and retail spheres generally (including the effects of COVID19) by offering perspectives from the critical players in the field: developers, retailers, internet retailers and manufacturers. With the participation of both lawyers and clients on the panel sharing insights and expertise.

With the participation of:

  • Matt Epstein, Partner at Goulston & Storrs
  • Carlos Alonso, Partner at Manubens Abogados
  • Christoph Jonas, Partner at Patzina·,
  • Eric Smookler, CFO at WS Development
  • Kim Sigler, Assistant General Counsel at Bose Corporation
  • Akiko Okuma, VP/General Counsel at Vince Holding Corp
  • Marc Lampe, Founder & CEO at Miss Moneypenny Technologies
  • Collyn Präkelt, Head of Client Service at VARIO BüroEinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG
  • Ricardo Gil López, Head of Legal & Compliance at Brico Depôt Iberia - Kingfisher Group
  • Kelly Vant, Head of Spain at Pradera

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Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001.

It resulted from the aspirations shared by four European law firms from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Having worked together for over ten years, it was decided to set up Pragma to advise individuals and companies in the context of the increasing globalisation of business relations.

Pragma differs from many other law networks having only one law office or one law network per country.

Currently, Pragma has 48 law offices in 17 countries with a turnover of more than 100 million Euros.

Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001.