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The .CO Domains and Trademark Protection on the Internet

Domain Names with termination .COM.CO and .CO. have very special advantages that it is key to take into account when choosing your web address, since among other things it must be in accordance with the registration of your brand.

It is important to clarify that with the trademark registration, no rights are acquired over domain names and, on the contrary, if they are not registered, the way is left clear for third parties to obtain them, generating numerous risks.

The .CO and .COM.CO domains are widely used both in Colombia and abroad. The .CO domain extension is certainly an expression with a lot of meaning. The adoption of the .CO domain worldwide is so good, that it became an alternative to the widely spread .COM domain, since it has one less letter and denotes the beginning of the words 'COmpañía', 'COmercio' and 'COrporación' and its equivalent in English: 'COmpany', 'COrporation' and 'COmmerce'.

It is also a short extension, easy to write and pronounce, which allows for a memorable Internet presence.

On the other hand, the .COM.CO domain is intended for entities with a presence in Colombia and could be a better alternative to .CO if your business interests are only focused on the country. Search engines such as Google, better position .COM.CO domains in queries related to Colombia.

Vera Abogados offers advice on the registration of .CO and .COM.CO domains and its direct relationship with the protection of your trademark registration on the Internet.

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