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Unfortunately, Not Everyone Is Honest...

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Published: 22/05/20 - Country: Portugal

In times of crisis, like the one we are currently experiencing, it seems that there are people who gain the ability to have more imagination. And the biggest problem is that this extra imagination ends up harming everyone but the author of the idea.

I speak specifically of a practice, which unfortunately begins to become a recurrent one, of lawyers who are contacted by clients of other lawyers, unhappy with the time that their nationality process is taking (despite being a normal and expected period of time), and decide to promise everything to end quickly a process they already know is completed and with an approval decision already issued.

As lawyers, after being contacted by unhappy clients from other professional colleagues (although, in some cases, are the lawyers who hunt for unhappy clients), they will analyze the process and, verifying that everything is already done, and is just a matter of time before the process is finished, they explain to the client that they don't need to worry anymore. With a power of attorney and the payment of fees, that lawyer will solve the client's problem. It won't be easy, they say, but they promise resolution in few weeks time.

It seems impossible, after so much time waiting, but they promise. They even guarantee that they will return the money if the process is refused (and they know perfectly well that it will never happen because the processes are complete and with an approval decision already issued).

After that time, usually few weeks, the process appears miraculously finished. In reality, if there had not been a change of lawyer, the process would have ended at the same time, because everything was already done. But for the client, who is unaware of the situation, this feat seems to be the work of a superhero. In this case, a super lawyer.

The client is overjoyed, the lawyer receives fees without having to do anything at all, the client recommends his miraculous services to other acquaintances who are also in the same situation, the super lawyer fills his pockets, and the former lawyers, who had the job and the merit of doing everything, loses the client a few meters from the goal.

The old lawyer is clearly harmed, the client too, because he spends money for nothing, and the super lawyer gains a false and misleading reputation.

And this situation is dragging on, harming those who work and benefiting imposters.

Hence the importance of constant dialogue between lawyer and client and the clarification of all doubts. Without forgetting the importance of Pragma, and its network of contacts, which allows you to find honest colleagues and truthful super lawyers - those who work seriously, not those who deceive colleagues and clients.

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