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An Unintended Interruption to the Global Supply Chain

The current outbreak of COVID-19 (the coronoavirus) will be a test of the global supply chain’s strength in the face of unintended interruptions, and can be a lesson on building-in supply-chain contingency plans.

The .CO Domains and Trademark Protection on the Internet

Domain Names with termination .COM.CO and .CO. have very special advantages that are key to take into account when choosing your web address, since among other things it must be in accordance with the registration of your brand.

If you, like me, have planned trips and are afraid of the spread of COVID-19 virus, then it is a good time to check the conditions of your tickets or your travel insurance.

Coronavirus and Intellectual Property

The new virus known as “coronavirus” has cost the death of many people, and the infection of thousands. That is why the scientists are working on a new medicine in order to contained the devastating consequences of this mentioned virus.

Retail Evolution: Continuing to Think Outside of the Box

Retailers are bringing the store to the consumer and inventing new and creative ways to introduce customers to their brands and to increase sales.