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About a Universal Right of Access to Health, Intellectual Property, and Other Legal Intricacies

In its recent extraordinary Assembly in November 2021, the WHO agreed to "launch a process to develop a historic global agreement on prevention, preparedness and response to pandemics".

COVID Impact as a Standalone Indemnity in M&A Transactions

The COVID virus has ushered in unprecedented and challenging times for our country and the global community. And yet businesses move forward, even in a very different and challenging environment.

Avoiding Coronavirus Discrimination Claims in Retail and Hospitality

As the retail and hospitality industries reopen and expand operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an important component of those plans is the potential issues affecting persons with disabilities.

Compensation For Damages Resulting From The Measures Adopted By The Spanish Government To Deal With The COVID-19 Crisis? Key Points To Make Your Claim Viable

There is no doubt that the measures taken by the Spanish Government to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19 have involved serious economic losses to many companies.

COVID-19 And The New Reality

The COVID-19 outbreak is a major shock for the global economy.  Many countries have already adopted or are adopting measures to increase the capacity of their health systems and provide relief to those citizens and sectors that are particularly impacted