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The Risk on the Internet Is for Copyright Owners or for Users?

At first, experts, artists, authors, and owners have been afraid because their works could be infringed through the Internet in easiest ways than before, so, this has driven the different lawmakers of the countries to design laws in order to stop the massive reproduction of copyrighted works.


The financial-market development as well as user preferences to obtain more efficient, faster and simpler services, have created a favourable environment for innovation in this sector in the form of alternative business models based on the digitalization of financial services.

The .CO Domains and Trademark Protection on the Internet

Domain Names with termination .COM.CO and .CO. have very special advantages that are key to take into account when choosing your web address, since among other things it must be in accordance with the registration of your brand.

Now Trending: Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Expansion of New Concept Stores

Although online shopping is extremely convenient, many consumers still want to touch and test out products before they purchase them. 

This has been the discussion of the last few days in Portugal. At stake is Rui Pinto, a 30 year old Portuguese hacker, who has been in detention for almost 1 year, awaiting trial, for illegally obtaining information that led to several lawsuits and consequent scandals.