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Consultants: a Liability Trap for Managing Directors?!

Cum/ex transactions and the role played in these by banks and their governing bodies are currently the subject of a great deal of dispute and discussion

Patent Protection as a Strategic Instrument in Competition

More and more companies use patents to keep a distance from competitors or to open up common markets by cross licensing. This raises both legal and practical questions, which patent law expert Christoph Jonas sheds light on.

Declaration of a Single Employer and Infringement of the Company's Freedom of Contract: the Constitutional Court Declares the Unenforceability of Article 3 of the Labor Code

At the beginning of March 2022, and in a divided decision, the Constitutional Court declared the unenforceability for unconstitutionality of part of Article 3 of the Labor Code (case No. 11124-21).

Law No. 21,431 Modifies the Labor Code Regulating the Contract of Workers of Companies of Digital Service Platforms

This law introduces a series of amendments to the Labor Code (hereinafter "CT"), in order to regulate relations between dependent and independent digital platform workers and digital service platform companies.

Italy Introduces The Quick Fixes VAT Directive

Italy has introduced Directive 2018/1910/EU so-called “Quick Fixes”, which amended Directive 2006/112/EU on the harmonization and simplification of certain rules in the system of value added tax for the taxation of trade between EU Member States.