New Changes To Vacant Residential Land Tax: Is Your Holiday Home Effected?

Laura Spencer Laura Spencer from  KHQ Lawyers  on 

Victorian holiday homeowners will have been paying close attention to the expansion to vacant residential land tax provisions in the Land Tax Act 2005 which come into effect from the 2025 land tax (calendar) year.

Recovery Of Funds For Foreigners

Bárbara Román Bárbara Román from  Cuevas Abogados  on 

Withdrawing AFP funds offers immediate access to the money but comes with tax implications, investment risks, and potential loss of social security and health benefits.

How To Acquire Chilean Nationality?

Bárbara Román Bárbara Román from  Cuevas Abogados  on 

This article summarizes the different options to acquire the Chilean Nationality and its main requirements.

Employers: The New Flexible Friend Of The Employee?

Andrew Firman Andrew Firman from  Carter Lemon Camerons LLP  on 

New employment laws came into force at the beginning of April which will require employers to update their policies and be aware so as not to be caught on the hop.  This article highlights the main changes:

Australia’s 2024 Merger Reform Proposal: An Overview

Andrew Walker Andrew Walker from  KHQ Lawyers  on 

The Australian Government has recently proposed a significant overhaul of the country’s merger review system. The proposed merger reform seeks to amend the CCA to strengthen the merger review process and enhance competition in the market, and to create a more robust, streamlined, and transparent merger control regime.