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Post-Covid Border Opening: Prospects for Real Estate Assets for Tourist Accommodation

It is evidence that the activity of the tourism sector in our country has a very important weight in the Andorran economy. So is the fact that in recent years, the number of tourist accommodation has increased.

Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTO): The Challenge Of A New Work Tool

The crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has undoubtedly generated a situation of unprecedented proportions, not only because of the global impact on health but also because of the social and economic impact it has had on the economies of countries.

Tax Residents In Spain: Scope of the Model 720 For Andorran Properties

In 2012, the Spanish state obliged its tax residents to report on foreign assets and rights abroad. This obligation is applicable not only to bank accounts, but also to all real estate located in Andorra, owned by tax residents in Spain.

Unlocking BPA's Equities to Credit Suïsse (Part 2)

Following the intervention of Private Banking in Andorra in 2015, a variable income of approximately 500 million euros corresponding to some 1,700 customers of this entity, were blocked in Credit Suisse due to the various judicial remedies presented by those affected.

Public Procurement: Present and Future for the Competitiveness of Andorran Companies

At a time when the challenge to formalize an association agreement with the EU is faced, it can not be ruled out that public procurement is an instrument of great influence in our economy.