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About a Universal Right of Access to Health, Intellectual Property, and Other Legal Intricacies

In its recent extraordinary Assembly in November 2021, the WHO agreed to "launch a process to develop a historic global agreement on prevention, preparedness and response to pandemics".

Covid-19: a Shared Dilemma

On April 26, in the framework of the celebration of the international industrial property day, in a panel organized by PRAGMA, we discussed the possibility of temporarily suspending or releasing patents related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Cannabis: A Promising Future

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes constitutes a relevant topic for both Colombian industry and the Colombian economy.

The New Agreement Between Google and French Publishers: Bad or Good News?

As you may know, in January of 2021 was announced that Google and the French publishers achieved a new agreement with the objective to remunerate the editors for the extracts of their news that Google shows in its platform.

¿Is Facebook Indeed Excuting an Antitrust Conduct?

A few weeks ago, we all wake up with the notice of the legal suit against Facebook from 12 states and the federal government of United States, for allegedly breakup the antitrust law, by acquiring the Apps of Instagram and WhatsApp