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Coronavirus and Access to Culture

The pandemic of coronavirus has brought us an unthinkable and positive consequence, consisting in the opportunity to access to different museums, libraries and even to opera’s shows. It means we have a great chance to access to culture and knowledge.

The Risk on the Internet Is for Copyright Owners or for Users?

At first, experts, artists, authors, and owners have been afraid because their works could be infringed through the Internet in easiest ways than before, so, this has driven the different lawmakers of the countries to design laws in order to stop the massive reproduction of copyrighted works.

The .CO Domains and Trademark Protection on the Internet

Domain Names with termination .COM.CO and .CO. have very special advantages that are key to take into account when choosing your web address, since among other things it must be in accordance with the registration of your brand.

Coronavirus and Intellectual Property

The new virus known as “coronavirus” has cost the death of many people, and the infection of thousands. That is why the scientists are working on a new medicine in order to contained the devastating consequences of this mentioned virus.

Brake to the Evasion of Taxes in the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate in Colombia

With the new law 1943 of 2018 in article 43, the private pacts for setting lower prices than the real and commercial value as well as the cash payments in the acts of sale of real estate are put on hold.