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Brake to the Evasion of Taxes in the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate in Colombia

With the new law 1943 of 2018 in article 43, the private pacts for setting lower prices than the real and commercial value as well as the cash payments in the acts of sale of real estate are put on hold.

Interview with Carolina Vega, shaping bussiness with intellectual property

The impact of our work on our client´s lives and business are huge, because most of the time the development of their business activity depends on the security regarding the protection and the exclusivity of its IP rights.

What About USMCA?

USMCA, bring with it, a special norm regarding the protection of copyright in Internet, that is in extremely similar to the system of notice and takedown of the DMCA of United States.

A New Judgment of the Court of Justice of European Union Aim to Provide Some Equilibrium Between the Intellectual Property Rights, and Other Fundamental Rights

Intellectual property must be protected, and the holders of copyright have to count with several means in order to protect it, there have to be a fair balance with other rights at stake.

Colombia Becomes an OECD Member Country

Last May 2018 the Commercial Issues Committee endorsed the Colombia affiliation to the OECD, which means that it becomes Member No. 37 of the Organization, and it is the third Latin American country accepted as a member after Mexico and Chile.