The Legal Landscape of Indian Business: Navigating Legal Complexity with Ease

Aaron Solomon Aaron Solomon from  Solomon & Co.  on 

India has become the 5th largest economy in the world ranking by enabling local manufacturing, relaxed foreign direct investments policies, attractive government initiatives and incentives to business owners, and much more.

Michigan Supreme Court Dodges Thorny Drone Law Issues

Jonathan Hayden Jonathan Hayden from  Goulston & Storrs  on 

In Long Lake Township v. Maxon, the Michigan Supreme Court had the opportunity to critically consider the extent to which property owners have an inherent right to prevent unwanted drone incursions into the airspace immediately above their land.

Prevention And Health Services At Work. What Should Companies Do? Which Ones Are Finally Obligated?

Mariana Casella Mariana Casella from  Castellán Abogados  on 

10 years ago, Decree 127/014 was approved. This meant for our country the duty to gradually establish the mandatory nature of these services for all workers and in all companies.

Revamping Australia’s Foreign Investment Regime

Andrew Walker Andrew Walker from  KHQ Lawyers  on 

The Foreign Investment Review Board regime is a critical component of the country’s approach to regulating foreign investments. Recent reforms to this regime reflect the Australian government’s response to the constantly evolving landscapes.

Commercial Real Estate Note Purchases: Lender’s Loss, Investor’s Gain

Jonathan Stein Jonathan Stein from  Goulston & Storrs  on 

More than two years have passed since the Federal Reserve seismically shifted its fiscal policy and began hiking interest rates. Approximately $2.0 trillion of commercial real estate mortgages are scheduled to reach maturity from 2024 through the end of 2026.