Risk Based Approach Tool Offer for Pragma Members

Legal Area: Corporate Law

We are proud to inform you that one of our members (THE CORPRO LTD) and the whole Infocredit Group are growing and they are launching a newly developed Risk Based Approach Tool, through which you can conduct risk assessments on clients and partners, helping you decide - not only about client acceptance and onboarding - but also if further Due Diligence investigation is needed.

Our Risk Based Approach Tool takes into consideration - not only the basic criteria as defined by the Law - but also the payment behavior of the entity under investigation, as well as the Compliance Officer’s feedback.

It consists of 6 basic steps / sets of questions relevant to either a physical or legal entity. Once all questions are answered, users are able to generate immediately a detailed report with all the submitted information, as well as the overall level of risk of each entity.

Through the newly developed tool, you can also gain access to thousands of Global Sanctions and Enforcement lists, Adverse Media, Politically Exposed Persons and other key data sets so as to screen and get a more precise picture of your customers and vendors in seconds and to verify your ID Documents.

And… access on all the above is provided via a single platform, our well-known AML Suite!

For more details or to sign-up for FREE TRIAL ACCESS, please feel free to visit: https://www.amlsuite24.com/

Or to contact Maria Evangelou at: maria@thecorpro.com

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