Vera Abogados Celebrates 50 Years as Leaders in Latin America

Legal Area: Corporate Law

In 1972, the Colombian economy was mainly based on the production of primary goods for export and of consumer goods for the domestic market. Industrial Property was an unknown area for the fledgling national industry.

In that year, VERA ABOGADOS was founded, a firm which was born with the main aim of providing legal services to Colombian companies in the area of Industrial Property. Over these 50 years, we have accompanied the growth of different Colombian firms which have blossomed into fully-fledged Multinationals worldwide.

During this whole time, we have also been the witnesses of many changes on an economic, cultural and social level. In the 1990’s, with the economic opening we broadened our horizons in Colombia, both for imported products and foreign investment as well as the export of goods and services far beyond the production of commodities for which our country was exclusively known.

Nowadays we continue advising, both nationally and internationally, many Colombian companies and also Multinationals from the five continents which over the years have established themselves in Colombia.

Today VERA ABOGADOS is a reference point for the Andean Community and a member of the following international associations: INTA, ASIPI, CAPIRA, ABPI and a member of the PRAGMA global network of lawyers. Nationally, we are a member of the Commercial Lawyers College and an allied firm of PROCOLOMBIA.

In 1996, VERA ABOGADOS opened its doors in Ecuador, Colombia’s natural partner, and in 2012 VERA ASESORES FINANCIEROS (VERA FINANCIAL ADVISERS) was founded, an allied firm for the rendering of accounting, tax and financial services.

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