Young IFA Network

Legal Area: Corporate Law

We would like to invite you to the following "Young IFA Network" event organized by Talenture Advisory SA and the Centro competenze tributarie of SUPSI. 

The seminar is free of charge and will be followed by refreshments.

Date | Time: Friday, July 7, 2017, 17:00

  • Maikel Evers (OECD) - The multilateral instrument - implementation of tax treaty related BEPS measures taking off
  • Sharon Cina (Tax Authority of Canton Ticino) - The patent box and IP tax regime under Action 5
  • Valentino Rosselli (Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Matters SIF) - Action 14 and dispute resolution mechanisms in Switzerland
  • Cristiano Bortolotti (Transfer Pricing Global Solutions Group) - BEPS Action Plan 13: What are the consequences for Switzerland?

Moderation: Sebastiano Garufi (Talenture Advisory SA)


Via Cantonale 16E, 6928 Manno Aula 111 (1st floor)
For the registration, please fill the form at the following link: no later than Friday, July 3, 2017

Download the invitation here


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