Gilberto Gelosa

Gilberto Gelosa founded the firm in 1988, bringing the corporate brand Interconsulting to life. In the years since, Gelosa made valid partnerships and together with his partners, associates, Italian and foreign colleagues, created an international network.

His specializations and areas of expertise are company, commercial and tax law and he coordinates all activities of the firm. Moreover, he supports institutions and contributes to the development of academic research.

  • Extraordinary operations of reorganisation, mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax advice: domestic and foreign, ordinary and extraordinary
Tips on How to Deal with the COVID-19 Emergency

The Covid-19 emergency in Italy prompted the Italian Government to adopt strict measures restricting activities and health protection measures.

EU Countries Are Now Knocking on Italy’s Front Door for Learning About the Electronic Invoicing

Since the 1st of January 2019 in Italy VAT subjects have the legal obligation to issue electronic invoices. This innovative invoice has to be issued for all the sales of goods and services made by VAT subject are resident, settle in or recognized in Italy.

PRAGMA-Business Congress in Boston (USA): join us to develop your business in the States, meet industry leaders and professionals and share knowledge and insights

This year's annual conference of Pragma, the international network of leading independent law and consultancy firms in over 20 countries, will be held in Boston, the world-renowned center for biotech, education, healthcare and high tech.