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Portuguese Golden Visa

Given the contingency generated by various reasons -political, economic, coronavirus, among others- it is necessary to reflect on the importance of betting on a plan B. Having the possibility of easily traveling to another country accompanied by our families and staying there legally, can be a great advantage in the current context. On May 27, 2021, Cuevas Abogados launched a new service of its Migration Department, which consists of a complete advice to obtain residence in Portugal.

Portugal has one of the most popular residency programs in Europe, Golden Visa. One of the most attractive options in this program is the possibility of applying for permanent residence and, after 5 years, citizenship, without the need to permanently reside in Portugal. Applicants and their family only need a stay in Portugal for two weeks, every two years, to renew the Golden Portuguese Visa. The quality of resident granted by the GV allows you to live, work and study in Portugal. The Portuguese residence card, granted through the GV program, allows the holder to travel throughout the Schengen area of ​​the EU. Once Portuguese citizenship is obtained, this second passport gives the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.

The Golden Visa program has a range of 8 possible types of investment to obtain, one of the favorites being real estate investment. The real estate market in Portugal, like many southern European countries, suffered from the credit crisis and prices in 2015. However, prices have risen sharply since then, especially in Lisbon, thanks to the GV program. and investors have seen strong gains in recent years. Investors who buy in the real estate market in Portugal for the Golden Visa now have excellent prospects for capital gains in the coming years, in addition to living in a safe and stable country both socially, politically and economically. By the way, the GV program allows the beneficiary to choose to rent their properties while not residing in them.

Another type of investment consists of the creation of companies in Portugal, which, depending on the amount invested or the utility for the country, also entitle the investor to opt for the Golden Visa.

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