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Pragma Business Congress in Boston (USA): Join Us to Develop Your Business in the States, Meet Industry Leaders and Professionals and Share Knowledge and Insights

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This year's annual conference of Pragma, the international network of leading independent law and consultancy firms in over 20 countries, will be held in Boston (18-21 October 2018), the world-renowned center for biotech, education, healthcare and high tech.

Pragma members have successfully assisted clients considering international expansion and with other legal and accounting challenges. Clients of Pragma members receive the most sophisticated and expert legal advice available from counsel in the applicable jurisdiction

For the first time, we are inviting our clients to join us for what promises to be an eye-opening and valuable experience for your business. At the Congress, Pragma members from all over the world will be joined by leaders in various industries, such as retail, construction, health, capital markets and education amongst others.

Our program will address worldwide trends generally and will provide companies with a head start on operational and financial patterns that will ultimately affect business wherever it is conducted. We will be addressing current issues and organize meetings with clients in the above mentioned areas and provide you with an opportunity to meet and share ideas with companies in their sectors as well as enjoying sectorial site tours providing additional insight into state of the art practices.

In this way, attendees will also gain a competitive advantage in their sector by acquiring knowledge and familiarity with practices which will inevitably affect (and govern) their industries.

Join us in Boston for a fruitful conference, sharing new ideas and relevant contacts. For more information please click here.

Looking forward to meeting you in Boston,

Gilberto Gelosa
President of Pragma, Brussels
Founding Partner of Interconsulting Studio Associato, Milan
Board Member of CNDCEC, Rome


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Gilberto Gelosa founded the firm in 1988, bringing the corporate brand Interconsulting to life. In the years since,

Gelosa made valid partnerships and together with his partners, associates, Italian and foreign colleagues, created an international network.

His specializations and areas of expertise are company, commercial and tax law and he coordinates all activities of the firm. Moreover, he supports institutions and contributes to the development of academic research.