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The End of History: the Errors of the Italian Left and the European Reaction.

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Published: 25/10/18 - Country: Italy

The Bible, in Genesis, tells of the expulsion of Adam from the Earthly Paradise, the place of perfection where every living and non-living thing was available to man, satisfying his every need. This allegory explains why man must suffer and work and sweat to procure bread, understood as sustenance and any other good for his needs and his well-being. Man and woman have entered the world, full of roughness and suffering, but the man's desire to free himself from hardships, avoid pain and misfortune, is an anthropological trait of his existence, is the quest to rediscover that paradise terrestrial lost.

Politics has always interpreted and exploited with its tribunes the human yearning of the earthly paradise, not least the bill of citizenship income promoted by the five-star movement. Idea, this, aimed at safeguarding the weakest social classes. Not for nothing, the latest ISTAT data reveal a growing inequality in Italy and an army of poor, over five million, equal to ten percent of the population. The incidence of absolute poverty increases mainly in southern Italy, from which the movement draws consensus, both for families (from 8.5% in 2016 to 10.3%) and for individuals (from 9.8% to 11, 4%). Poverty also increases in the centers and suburbs of the metropolitan areas of the North, the electoral basin of the League.

There is therefore no wonder about the election results of last March 4; the left and the democratic party have not interpreted the phenomenon - already in place for at least five years - perched in their radical chic culture where intellectuals interpret the needs of the people. What emerged, however, is the reaffirmation of the principle of Aristotelian identity, at the base of Western culture, despite years of ideological indoctrination of the political correctness of an open multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, the leitmotiv of progressive media. The totalizing adhesion of the left to liberalism and consequently to economic liberalism has been the real mistake, an ideological and cultural myopia. Rousseau's thinking on human inequality, conjugated to Adam Smith and the theory of the invisible hand, of the self-regulation of economic markets, was the poisonous potion that brought us to our day.

If it is true that the evolution of society is inevitable in the historical process, it is also true that the collective work of human beings always requires a compromise between the stimulus - largely instinctive - of personal interest and understanding - to a great extent rational - of the common interest. It must be understood that human beings, though all the same, have different characteristics and qualities that are not distributed homogeneously.

Pareto, in his formulation of the theory of the elites, had identified how this phenomenon is anthropological: the distribution of qualities and capacities, such as the distribution of wealth, are always present in society according to an unequal logic. Few indeed have a quality, many do not have it. The democratic party in Romania has not understood how politics must correct this dystonia, safeguarding the weaker social classes, always promoting meritocracy, ethics and justice. Without justice, Adam Smith recalled, social cohesion is lost. There was no action on gold pensions or on parliamentary privileges; no action was taken to protect the savers of the first bank bail; no action was taken to protect the excluded from the Fornero law. Instead, good-natured migratory campaigns have been put in place to favor social cooperatives, exacerbating public accounts rather than promoting productivity. Gender equality, open society and liberalism were promoted, thinking that the reduction in consumer prices favored consensus.

Globalization has forced instead to delocalization, to the closure of productive activities and to the reduction of wages and to the precariousness. It is sexually free but, in reality, it is slaves for 700-800 euros a month. In fact, liberalism and competitive markets accelerate the Paretian distribution in society: the best emerge without restraint, increasing inequalities and the resentment of the excluded social classes, which gradually become more and more marginalized.

At the same time, the seclusion of privileged classes, transformed into castes, irritates prejudices and concentrates antagonism which, in turn, nourishes the identity spirit of the excluded, even as a nation in Europe. The process is self-perpetuating, the policy of European migrants, perceived as dictated against Italy, as indeed it has been, accelerates national identity and the consensus of the action of the current government and of the parties that support it. The financial maneuver - rejected by the European Commission - finds the consensus, instead, of the majority of Italians, the excluded protagonists, proud of the motto "we are". The proclamations and reprimands of the Honorable Martina, President of the pro-European democratic party, or of the media, or of radical chic actors, or of Commissioners or MEPs, perceived as "the other" are worthless.

History follows its course, all Western society is pervaded by nationalisms, globalization is over, the restoration is blowing, within three years the world will change. It is the transfigured representation of the biblical episode of Cain and Abel, the first two twin brothers of human history. The representation of the two faces of man, the wandering spirit of Pastor Abel, beloved of the Lord, and the permanent spirit of the farmer Cain. Man's instincts to knowledge and the unknown push him into unexplored territories facing adversity, but then man seeks peace and tranquility and kills this irreverty to change, the new. This is the human dynamic that has been the protagonist of history over the centuries.

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