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The Rulebook for Provision of Catering Services in Apartments, Holiday Houses and Rent Rooms Entered into Force

The Minister of Trade and Tourism, with the consent of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare and the Minister for Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology adopted on July 7, 2018, a Rulebook on the requirements related to the provision of catering services in the apartments, holiday houses and rent rooms.

This Rulebook will finally stop illegal provision of services in the area of tourism and catering since the legislator has prescribed, in detail, all the rules pertaining to the facilities providing these kinds of services.

The Rulebook envisages general and special requirements for the provision of these kinds of services, with a purpose that the apartments, holiday houses and rent rooms are arranged and equipped in a way that enables uninterrupted and safe movements of guests, i.e. service providers, and proper care of goods, food and drinks.

Among other issues, the Rulebook also prescribes the apartment’s layout, lighting, heating and temperature in those facilities, then the appearance of walls and heights of the same, surface of the bathroom, the layout of the dining room, bed dimension in the room for rent, etc.

Bearing in mind the enormous potential of tourism in the Republic of Srpska as well as the growth of income from this branch of industry, this Rulebook will definitely contribute to the increase of quality of these services and thus the ranking of our country as a good tourist destination.

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