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The Shortest Way Between The Citizen And City Hall

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Nowadays everything is more advanced and the connection between people, services or entities is becoming easier, faster and stronger. And the idea of having to wait hours in a queue in a public administration service, or having to go to a certain place to receive information, is a thing of the past.  Especially with the Smart City App that not only saves time and resources in a modern approach of the relationship with public administration, but is also an important public communication channel.

With Smart City App, there is a bidirectional communication channel with a single point of information. For example:

  • Citizens receives alerts of public interest;
  • Citizens can report a problem that they encounter;
  • City Hall can manage citizens complaints;
  • Citizens can check status of scheduled appointments and submitted complaints;
  • City Hall can provide all kind of requirements and forms available for download and citizens can be informed about documents needed for each type of request they might have from City Hall;
  • Citizens can consult the proposed or ongoing projects in the city;
  • Citizens can check full details about registered attractions and/or points of interest, with multi-language and multi-media features available along with GIS positioning, scheduling settings and contact details;
  • The City Hall can send news or press releases for citizens.

All this, and a lot more, is already available with the easy to use Smart City App that will revolutionize the interaction between the citizen and the City Hall. For any further information, please feel free to contact our Office team that will be able to help.

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