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What Should You Do When You Are Accused of Sexual Harassment in Taiwan?

Taiwan's legislature passed multiple amendments to protect sexual harassment victims on 16 August 2023, taking effect on 8 March 2024, because incessant sexual harassment and assault allegations spread rapidly across Taiwan.

I Want My Door Handles Back: A Salutary Lesson In Shareholder Disputes…

Shareholder disputes can often best be viewed as corporate divorce. Two (or more) parties who have often spent much time together over varying seasons of the life of a business trying to build something, come to a point where there’s a falling out.

Uruguay Strengthens Its Position As An Attractive Destination For European Investors

Ecofin concluded that Uruguay has complied with all commitments made with the European Union, having demonstrated its willingness to cooperate on issues of good tax governance. The changes introduced, both at a legal and regulatory level, are aimed to strengthen the source principle for business income.

Shopping Center Operator Not Authorized to Impose Sunday Opening

The Subdistrict Court in Leiden ruled that the operator of the Winkelhof shopping center was not allowed to unilaterally adjust the rules, such that Halfords had to be open on Sundays.

Lecco and Its Territory: A Glimpse of the Future

Lecco not only thinks about the future, but tries to shape it, through young people, culture, businesses, entrepreneurs, associations, science, technology and innovation.