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How Shall Foreign Investors Calculate Income Taxes for Carbon Credit Trading in Taiwan?

The Taiwanese Ministry of Finance promulgated a new interpretative order on December 2023, regulating the income tax of foreign entities' carbon credits trading in Taiwan, that is, selling foreign carbon emission rights on the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange

Uruguay Strengthens Its Position As An Attractive Destination For European Investors

Ecofin concluded that Uruguay has complied with all commitments made with the European Union, having demonstrated its willingness to cooperate on issues of good tax governance. The changes introduced, both at a legal and regulatory level, are aimed to strengthen the source principle for business income.

By Decree No. 362/022 (dated November 8, 2022), modifications were introduced to the regime established for mobile (or vehicular) sources.

What Does Intellectual Property Have To Do With Food Safety?

A couple of years ago, when President Biden began his term in the United States, the authors of a blog wrote very vehemently about the need for this administration to deal with the food security crisis that has been worsening, among other factors.

Trust Administration and Estate Planning in the Age of Climate Change

A recent foreboding report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change offers warnings to policy makers and others about dire consequences that have and will continue to arise due to rapid climate change.