Hung Ou Yang: Taiwan's Top 100 Lawyers 2024

Asia Business Law Journal announced on 12 April 2024 a list of Taiwan's top 100 lawyers 2024. Brain Trust International Law Firm's Managing Partner, Hung Ou Yang, not only has been consecutively put on the short list since 2019, but also received strong endorsement from clients and foreign law firms. 

Asia Business Law Journal reported: "In an illuminating endorsement that places a spotlight on cross-border legal interoperability, Hung Ou Yang, managing partner of Brain Trust International Law Firm, was identified by Eloy Peral, special counsel at Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, a full-service law firm based in New York, as an essential conduit for legal proceedings involving Taiwan and broader Asian markets."

“Hung Ou Yang is our‘go to’local counsel in Taiwan and the wider Asia market, both for his impressive problem-solving capabilities and his knowledge of and connections to local actors,”notes Peral. “Hung Ou Yang has a strong grasp on common law concepts and is extremely effective in presenting Taiwanese law to an American lawyer.”

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