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María Paz Contreras

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Professional in Cuevas Abogados

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Lawyer Partner of the Corporative Department in Cuevas Abogados (Since 2017).

She was Fiscal Lawyer in Círculo Verde (2015-2017).
She worked as Lawyer Partner in MGC Abogados, in charge of the Business law and Labor law Department (2008-2014).

Equal Remuneration Between Men and Women: Where Is Your Company Positioned?

The European Salary Equality Day was celebrated on 3 November, a date that marks the symbolic moment from which European women begin to work "for free", with 16% of the working year still remaining.

Property Brokers and VAT

More and new players are entering the property brokerage business, and this raises doubts about whether this activity is taxed with the Value Added Tax (VAT). In order to clarify these doubts, step to expose in a clear and simple tax rules that apply to each case.

Business Expenses and Tax Modernization

Cuevas Abogados attended the conference on the project of the Tax Modernization Law 2018. Within the range of topics discussed, one of the most controversial was the part of the Tax Modernization project that modifies the general requirements that must be met by a company to allow its deduction.