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Renato Catalán

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Director of the Economic Contentious Department at Cuevas Abogados (Since 2017). He worked previously as Director of Fiscal Defense in Amplus Tax & Legal (2014-2017).
He was Managing Director of the Fiscal Defense in KPMG (2013-2014).
He was Responsible Manager of the Disputes and Conflicts in Ernst & Young (2012-2013).
He worked as Lawyer in the Department of Internal taxes (2001-2011).

  • He was a speaker in classes of ” Fiscal Processes ” for the Fiscal and customs Courts (2015).
  • Lecture on the right and the Homework of the Taxpayer for the program of Master’s degree in right UC, mention in Tax law and in Fiscal Planning , Universidad Católica de Chile (2015).
  • Lecture of Additional tax for the Graduates in International Tax systems, Faculty of economics and Business, Universidad Católica de Chile (2014).
  • He made a seminary for a program of Master’s degree of right UC, with mention in Tax law.
  • Lecture on the Defense of the Taxpayer for a program of Master’s degree of right UC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chili (2011-2014).
  • Lecture of Tax system of Companies and the Other Legal Entities in the program of Master’s degree in right UC, with mention(distinction) in Tax law and in Analysis and Fiscal Planning, Universidad Católica de Chile (2010-2014).
Declaration of Income Tax and Observations of the SII

According to the information published by the Internal Revenue Service and the General Treasury of the Republic, this year 3,700,138 taxpayers filed their income tax return.

Transfer Prices: An Opportunity to Be Taken

For companies, it is essential to review cross-border operations carried out with related parties, and it is crucial to have a study on transfer prices, in order to justify them in light of current tax regulations.