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Mr. Bescòs thinks that the Labor Lawyer does not just have to focus on the legal question. Many times your decisions are not merely a legal component, but also strategic, business sense, even in matters that are not purely collective. ... His father and mother were job advisors as well. His father came from the HR Directorate in companies with more than 1,000 employees, and always recommended him to analyze the impact of each issue on the general policy of the company. It also helped him to start by taking care of non-labor matters in an office mainly specialized in labor law. He gave him an overview of the law that has helped him a lot in his professional career. He definies himself as pactist, but blunt if the conciliatory solution fails.
  • Accomplishment of functions of Interim and Part Time Manager of HR of companies of between 50 and 500 workers. Design of policies for labor recruitment, flexibilization and distribution of working time in companies with high frequency Part Time, and Teleworking policies and outsourcing services.
  • Participation in Labor Mediation and Arbitration proceedings.
  • Advice on termination of contracts for disciplinary reasons with technological or electronic proof.
  • Redundancy letters in Company Groups.
  • Advice on Procedures for Substantial Modification of individual and collective working conditions, preparation and negotiation of Exemption and Suspension Employment Regulation Files (ERE and ERTE) in Company Groups.
  • Specialist in Collective Dismissal and Collective Suspension of employment contracts of companies in bankruptcy situation. Advice on the procedures for the purchase and sale of Autonomous Productive Units in competitions.
  • Specialist in Succession of Companies for the labor effects in the field of the contracting and the sales of companies and productive units.
  • Attend oral trials before the courts of the social.
  • Drafting of appeals before the Social Superior Court.
  • Counseling in Senior Management contracts and in Social Security policies for Directors and Senior Managers in Family Companies and Groups of companies.
Labor News Regulated in Royal Decree Law 8/2020 (BOE 18-3-20)

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 has been published, on extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19, which, obviously, also regulates different labor aspects.

The Proposal of the Spanish Patronal CEOE Gives Back to the Austrian Backpack

The CEOE, has included in its contributions to the National Reform Program of 2019 a proposal to establish compensation for dismissal of a single amount for all cases, 20 days per year with the cap of an annuity.

Dismissal with Video Surveillance as Supporting Evidence, Has it Changed Case-law?

The Court has ruled on the case of a supermarket owned by Mercadona, where the managers of the company, decided to place a video surveillance system by installing some cameras in visible places and others out of sight.