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The Illegal Granting of Credit or the Dilemma of the Good Banker

In the course of 2021, the Supreme Court reached a significant milestone in the systematic elaboration and reconstruction of the liability of the Bank for abusive granting of credit.

Customer Protection and Empowerment: New Amendments to the Consumer Law

The strengthening of consumer rights makes it strongly advisable for companies to review their contracts, terms and conditions, websites, among others, in order to comply with the new regulations

The Purchase of a (Second-Hand) Boat: Legal Matters

The most common disputes in the water sports practice that come to me are about the purchase of a second-hand boat. Usually because the buyer has insufficiently researched the boat or because the seller has withheld information.

Brazil, the Amazonia, Football and the Market

The brigade friend and tour guide in Alter do Chão, Daniel Govino, stated, in an informal conversation, that the problem with deforestation was not the agro, but the ogre. The phrase disturbed me at first, but then it opened up with some clairvoyance.

Bankruptcy Moratorium, a Flight Forward

The bankruptcy statistics for this year 2021 indicate what many experts in bankruptcy law already predicted: The avalanche of bankruptcy proceedings is a reality. However, the statistics are highly distorted by the bankruptcy moratorium that was declared by Royal Decree-Law