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Amendments To The Cyprus Investment Program

Cyprus Cabinet approved a series of changes to the Cyprus Investment Program, based on which, non–Cypriot entrepreneurs/ investors and members of their families may submit applications for partaking in the Program.

Can Cross Border Mergers Continue Between Spain And UK After Brexit?

The continuous insecurity of whether there will be a deal or no-deal Brexit puts international companies in a difficult position to understanding what type of Brexit they should be planning for, if at all.

New Definition of Countries with Privileged Tax Status

Italian Government has just introduced a new definition of countries with privileged tax status, effective from the fiscal year starting after the fiscal year in progress

New Italian Rules for CFC

Effective from the fiscal year starting after the fiscal year in progress to December 31, 2018 (i.e. from January 1, 2019 for calendar year companies), new Italian CFC rules were introduced.

Money Laundering Legislation

There is no specific guidance for lawyers. However, the National Notary Office compels registration before the SUGEF of all public notaries that carry out any of the activities described in article 15 of Law No. 8204.