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Massimiliano Desalvi

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Massimiliano Desalvi, partner of Interconsulting for more than 10 years, provides consulting and he is experienced in litigation in the areas of civil and commercial law, bankruptcy and insurance legislation. 

He coordinates the team of lawyers and young professionals in order to meet and respond to the challenging client’s needs concerning legal matters or disputes.

  • Civil and company law
  • Civil and company litigation
  • Company restoration 
What Activities Will Lawyers Perform After Covid-19?

In these days of forced closure of the firms, many lawyers, in addition to ordinary work, are examining the emergency legislation issued by the Governments to try to better inform customers about the initiatives to be taken to resist in the lockdown situation.

Covid-19 Financial Measures in Italy

Following COVID-19, Italy has introduced some financial measures to support businesses and families.

Requests to the Forensic Fund

I received from some colleagues the proposal to send a certified mail to the Forensic Fund asking that it waive the contribution for the year 2020 and that it recognizes, with its own funds, a mini check to its members parameterized in the last tax return.