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Stefano Lecchi

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Stefano Lecchi, is specialized in tax litigation, extraordinary taxation and to groups of Insurance; he is engaged as associate and team leader for more than ten years.

  • Taxation of insurance services
  • Projects of tax optimization
  • Dunning procedure assistance
  • Property and real estate management
A New Step Toward a Single EU VAT Area

The EU VAT system probably represents one of the most important economic achievement in the long and troubled history of our continent. It represents an asset for each state member such as the fair ruler of the whole market.

The PIR: a Very Interesting Opportunity for Any Italian Saver

The Italian legislator has recently finally put in operation the PIR. This Plans, lingered in a sort of juridical “limbo” during the last 18 months due to the lack of an appropriate set of rules.

The Italian “VAT Group regime” comes true … at last!

The Italian legislator has finally removed the VAT legislation gap between Italy and the most part of the EU countries. The new Italian VAT regime arise from a specific option rendered by the EU legislation since 1979.