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I Want My Door Handles Back: A Salutary Lesson In Shareholder Disputes…

Shareholder disputes can often best be viewed as corporate divorce. Two (or more) parties who have often spent much time together over varying seasons of the life of a business trying to build something, come to a point where there’s a falling out.

The Vexed Question of Privilege: Optus Loses Bid to Keep Deloitte Report Under Wraps

In the ongoing Federal Court class action against Optus concerning the significant data breach in September 2022, the Federal Court has recently determined that a Deloitte report on Optus’ data breach review was not legally privileged.

Is Non-Competition Clause Enforceable in Taiwan?

One of the most concerned issues for both employers and employees is whether the non-competition clause provided in the employment contract can be enforced when the employment relationship comes to an end.

Frequently Asked Questions for Investing in Taiwan

A short Q&A covering main aspects to consider when investing in Taiwan.

Blockchain Byte: Wrapping Tokens, a CGT Event?

Wrapped tokens have emerged as a powerful catalyst for interconnectivity between different ecosystems. For tax purposes the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has no formal public guidance on the implications of wrapping.