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Towards a new regulatory model in distributed generation

The proposal for a bill incorporating the concept of distributed energy resources is an extremely positive step for our country, since it promotes the incorporation of new technologies to encourage the use of clean energy in the country and is a complement to the current "Minae Distributed Generation Regulation".

So, Is This Going To Be The Biggest Change In Enfranchisement In The Last 17 Years?

The Law Commission have today published their long-awaited report into the legal aspects of the proposed reforms for the law in this area. The Commonhold Leasehold Reform Act 2002 was the last big legislative foray into reform in this area, which came into force in 2003.

Supreme Court Affirms "" Trademark

On June 30, 2020, The Supreme Court of the United States issued its opinion, holding that a mark consisting of a generic term combined with “.com” is not necessarily generic, and may be eligible for trademark protection.

Commercial Landlords and Tenants Take Their COVID-Related Lease Disputes to Court

The slow-burning standoffs between commercial landlords and tenants in the COVID-19 pandemic are beginning to turn white-hot. Some landlords are starting to file lawsuits against tenants who have fallen behind on rent.

What Does It Mean to Be a British National (Overseas) and What’s Next for Citizens of Hong Kong?

On 30 June 2020, Hong Kong formalised national security law, which has not only sparked protests across the former British colony, but also international criticism.