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EU Exit Order – Government Reveals Further Post-Brexit Details for EU Citizens

Yet more draft legislation is plodding its way through parliament, intended to implement partial plans for EU nationals travelling to the UK if we leave the bloc without a deal.

Can the UK Revoke the British Citizenship of ISIS Bride Shamima Begum?

For what seems like the first time in months, the news in the last week has not been dominated by Brexit(!). Instead, we have a 19 year old British girl who wants to return to the UK.

Recycling the Big Box

Retailers shuttered a record amount of brick-and-mortar store space in 2018, shattering the previous record set in 2017, and big box stores were the largest contributors to the empty space.

Can Cross Border Mergers Continue Between Spain And UK After Brexit?

The continuous insecurity of whether there will be a deal or no-deal Brexit puts international companies in a difficult position to understanding what type of Brexit they should be planning for, if at all.

A Very High Rise Neighbour Dispute Over Privacy Rights

In June 2016 the Tate opened a Viewing Gallery on the tenth floor of the Blavatnik Building, designed to provide a ‘360 degree’ view of the London skyline. The southern side of the Viewing Gallery faces directly onto the Claimants’ flats.