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The Realities of Going Back to the Desk

As UK businesses begin to re-open their doors, employers are having to embrace a range of new challenges. At the top of that list will be the additional protections that COVID-19 has forced organisations to put in place.

The Dutch Parenting Plan

If you want a divorce, dissolvement of a registered partnership or get separated while having minor children with shared custody, the parents are obliged by Dutch national law to make a parenting plan.

Post-Covid Border Opening: Prospects for Real Estate Assets for Tourist Accommodation

It is evidence that the activity of the tourism sector in our country has a very important weight in the Andorran economy. So is the fact that in recent years, the number of tourist accommodation has increased.

Considering Lease Concessions In The Face Of A Tenant Bankruptcy

Landlords are receiving a deluge of requests to provide rent relief to commercial tenants whose operations have either been closed or substantially restricted as a result of state and local governments’ COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and related restrictions.

Inheritance and Condominium: an Example of (Avoidable) Condominium Litigation

Reading this sentence of the Court of Rome (section V of 04/05/2020, n. 6847) one touches with one's hand an example of avoidable quarrel between condominiums, a phenomenon that, according to a reliable statistic, has reached considerable proportions.