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Good Practices for Good Governance of Foundations and Corporations

In foundations and corporations, both non-profit entities, the governance function must be oriented towards fulfilling the mission, which is the ultimate goal of this type of organization.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Their Regulation and Impact on the Food Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The emergence of genetically modified organisms in the food chain, their application in medicine, as well as their wide use in other aspects of human life, has brought with it a series of discussions.

Criminal Offenses Ruinerwold: No Reason for Dissolution of Lease Agreement

Hiding a family in a farm may constitute criminal offences, but it is not yet a ground for dissolution of a lease. After all, a bad person does not make a bad tenant.

A Photograph of the Football Situation in Brazil (and Projections from the Experience of Red Bull Bragantino)

The purpose is only intended to present a position, from an image (or photograph) of the current situation of football, and compare it with the perspectives provided by the SAF Law.

Methods for Avoiding Disputes in the Case of Business Succession

Legal disputes in connection with business successions are on the increase. This applies in particular to disputes under inheritance law, company law and tax law.